Dear Ingwe fans,

For a long time now, the betting industry has encountered a backdrop of external challenges. This includes the Covid-19 pandemic, a ban on mainstream advertising and fans not being allowed in the stadia; these factors have negatively affected our principal sponsor Betsafe.

Despite the challenges mentioned, Betsafe has continued to strongly support the club and our activities, especially during these unique times.

For these reasons, we’ve had frank, honest and intense discussions with our partners on how to proceed with our fledgling relationship. Consequently, we have agreed on a minor adjustment to our sponsorship engagement over the three seasons.

Furthermore, it has been agreed that the second-year sponsorship will start right away despite the current season still in progress.

I, therefore, urge the Ingwe family to continue supporting our principal partner, Betsafe, for the faith and commitment they have shown to our club.


Dan Shikanda