The next player to score a hat trick for Leopards will be the 25th Leopards player to do so. Now, as you know a hat trick is called that because people used to pass a hat around and collect money from fans when a player scored three goals (just like the way we kept the team afloat in Nationwide days). Nowadays, the player just carries the match ball away (they should call it a ball trick, perhaps?)

Several Leopards players have hit a brace in recent matches and Mike Baraza was on course to score a perfect hat trick on Wednesday (a perfect hat trick is where you sore with the left left, right leg and a header) but he didn’t get a headed goal. The last hat trick scored by Demonde Selenga featured two headers and a right leg score, so it wasn’t ‘perfect’. I remember how Geoff Ba’mkubwa Luyuku was livid when Jimmy Bageya was taken off having scored a brace against Congo Utd last season. ‘Let him stay on and score a hat trick, come on!’ he shouted here.

Joe Kadenge leads on hat tricks scored (4) followed by his son Francis on 3 tied with Dr. J.J. Masiga and Livingstone Madegwa. Wilberforce Mulamba and William Inganga have 2 hat tricks each. Madegwa scored two hat tricks in the same match. Anthony Ojiambo and Madegwa together with Mulamba and Nahashon Mahila scored a pair of hat tricks on the same day.

I wouldn’t finish this without talking about Masiga. Charles Ombongi, the Shabana player broke his leg in the match played on 21.08.85. Masiga, who had scored two minutes before his injury and who had scored a hat trick earlier that year, was out of action for two years and on his first match in his return to the league on 15.03.87, he scored a hat trick! That was ten years after his first hat trick for the club.

Here is the complete list of your hat trick heroes:-

1. S. Baraza – 01.05.64
2. Ismael – 26.07.64
3. Tony Tom – 04.09.64
4. Joe Kadenge – 03.12.66; 21.05.67; 08.05.67; 09.09.67
5. Cherechere – 18.12.66
6. Anthony Ojiambo – 18.06.67
7. L. Madegwa – 18.06.67; 18.06.67 (yes); 16.08.67
8. Ambani – 16.08.67
9. N. Wanyama – 16.11.68
10. J. Niva – 19.02.75
11. J.J. Masiga – 01.05.77; 09.06.85; 15.03.87
12. Paul Maungu – 23.06.79
13. A. Baraza – 30.09.79
14. H. Mirikau – 09.11.80
15. M. Amwayi – 03.09.83
16. W. Mulamba – 14.06.86; 21.02.87
17. Eliakim Amalemba – 02.03.86
18. N. Mahila – 21.02.87
19. Francis Kadenge – 21.06.87; 07.06.87; 04.07.87
20. P. Shim – 07.08.88
21. N. Anyira – 04.11.89
22. W. Inganga – 13.02.93; 14.03.93
23. David Deo Odhiambo – 09.11.96
24. D. Selenga – 24.07.10
25. ????????

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