Branch motto: Unique and Different

Mission: Committed to holistic success of AFC Leopards fraternity through offering vibrant support on and off the pitch.

Vision: To be a proactive branch committed to Ingwe brotherhood and selflessness.



AFC Leopards Executive branch was formed in 2013 by a group of fans who are born and bred Ingwe.


1. To provide undying love to AFC Leopards at all time.

2. To provide a forum for interaction among members and their families.

3. To provide moral and financial support to members in need.

4. To engage in Community social responsibility activities.

5. To engage in motivational activities that uplift AFC Leopards players.


Executive is a branch that believes in the mantra “unique and different” as its rallying call. This branch is unique in the sense that it is not defined by geographical boundaries. It exists in a virtual space. The branches ability to organize members’ travel to attend Ingwe matches, especially away games have made it the darling of many fans and a force to reckon with. Executive branch has a welfare wing, which supports members and has ventured into business activities for self sustenance. It is envisaged that this welfare will in the long term Unique and Different grow into a SACCO and uplift members’ welfare, while in the process attracting more members.


The founding officials of AFC Leopards Executive Branch include:

1. Felix Shitsama- Chairman

2. Herbert Namukuru – Vice Chairman

3. Washington Otiato- Secretary General

4. Hosea Kisienya- Deputy Secretary General

5. Ordinah Bukachi- Organising Secretary

6. Milly Omedo- Treasurer

7. Michael Mutswenje- Deputy Treasurer

8. Derrick Ikocheli- Committee Member

9. Johnston Ingonga- Committee Member

Current Leadership

1. Dr. Geoffrey Serede- Chairman

2. Hosea Kisienya – Vice Chairman

3. Edgar Selebwa- Secretary General

4. Lillian Amukati- Deputy Secretary General

5. Ordinah Bukachi- Organising Secretary

6. Ephy Ashihundu- Treasurer

7. Moses Milimu- Deputy Treasurer

8. Joseph Chogo- Committee Member

9. Vincent Wanga- Committee Member

10. Andrew Wanyonyi- Committee Member

It is through Executive branch’s cordial relationship with other branches that they were able to produce the current Vice Chairman of AFC Leopards Mr. Felix Shitsama.

Requirements for Joining

1. Be an AFC Leopards fan.

2. Be a law abiding citizen and abide by the AFC Leopards Executive Branch constitutional provisions. 

3. Pay membership fee as per the requirement: Joining Kes 300 and monthly subscription Kes. 300

4. Contact Persons – Chairman 0722357387

 Secretary General 0720320446

 Treasurer 0720302461


 Organising Secretary 0729957909 

To join this branch contact