Message from the Treasurer; Oliver Napali

Greetings Ingwe Family,

I want to take this opportunity to thank AFC Leopards SC members for entrusting me with honor of serving as your Treasurer.

To my family, campaign team, friends, supporters and AFC Leopards SC members thank you for your patience, prayers and belief in my candidature.

When we started this journey, among Financial sustainability and Stability, the other super-ordinate goal and which is predominant in the members of AFC Leopards SC is making Ingwe great again. How? By doing whatever we can, with whatever we have, wherever we are.

Special thanks to Centre for Multiparty Democracy, CMD, for conducting a fair and credible elections.

Further, I take this opportunity to congratulate chairman Dr. Dan Shikanda, and secretary general, Mr. Gilbert Andugu. I’m sure, the future looks bright. Our efforts combined will usher a new era at the den.

The lessons I have learnt in this process is the infinite kindness of strangers and new friends who assisted in one way or the other to scale up our success. Members and fans, let’s not tire. The task ahead can only be achieved if we hold each others hand and strive towards greatness.

Thank you so much. God bless AFC Leopards. Let us be cheered by assurance that the grace of God is infinitely sufficient.

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