In 2011 when Afc Leopards was changing its constitution to recognize the contribution of the fans towards the growth of the team, few individuals  sat down over a cup of tea to lay down strategies of building a branch. It was James mandare, Bethwel Mulamula, Alex Ajanga, Mark Atenya, Stanzo Angila who were behind the formation of the now Kayole branch.

They ensured the branch is in place with Stanzo becoming the first chairman and James Mandare the secretary general. They made sure Kayole branch was the first branch to be registered with our national office. They mobilized members to join the branch in large numbers. At first lack of resources hindered the smooth running of the branch but it was dealt with after setting mechanism of mobilizing more members to come on board.

The love of the club saw members come in to register in big numbers. Meeting places was a headache until they approached one of the owners of a certain club at Masimba, Kayole{Pewa} for a space which he accepted. Donning a blue and white Afc jersey was a talk in the estate due to the slogan of telling a friend about the branch. In the books of history Kayole branch came up with the travelling fans initiative which was adopted by other branches.

In the process Kayole became a household name in the circles of Afc Leopards family. We came onboard to contribute towards buying the precious Team bus, helping in writing the new constitution,ingwe funfest and many other activities. Over the years we have seen our numbers grow from the tenth to hundreds. 

We have seen the change in guard in the main office which we have contributed immensely for our growth. Our pioneer chairman struggled through thick and thin to see, peace and tranquility is in the branch unlike facing many challenges.

We have seen many peaceful elections taking  place but our office remained the same and united. With having proper structures in place we have seen the branch assisting members achieve their goals, stepping in times of tribulations and keeping in the brotherhood/sisterhood. The days our club was facing financial problems our members in,Rose osore, Marion mujivanve, Gilbert Selebwa spearhead the 1k initiative thus paying up players allowances. Kayole is in record of hosting and housing some players during that time, ngama, dialo,and others.

Last year our Eastlando finest as we put it, produced two candidates to vie for respective positions in the main office. Our pioneer chairman Stanzo Elijah Omungala and one Gilbert Selebwa went for Assistant secretary/Organizing secretaries positions. Proudly our candidate Stanzo won the seat with a big margin with Selebwa missing it narrowly. Our numbers grew thrice unlike the numbers which voted during the era of Mr.AllainKasavuli which was a great achievement in the history of the branch.

As our club’s constitution states about elections, after the national office and branch follows, we observed it to the latter by holding our elections. For the first time we had a stiff completion regarding the chairmanship of the branch. Two strong candidates came forth for the position. James Mandare and Erick Alusa contested and in the ballot Erick was declared a winner taking over Stanzo for the position of the chairman of the branch.Number of registered voters were 101 with 63members voting through secretballot. Forthe first time we witnessed change of guard with a very organized systems.

The branch has set its goals in achieving to be the Eastland’s finest by travelling in flashy vehicles, uniting, and sorting any issue’s amicably. Kayole has a running football team which makes members bond. Members have been funding all our activities. It has featured in many tournaments with great achievements. Our team is focused on improving the social and economic status of the youth around the Kayole estate. As the history says kayole branch is the mama of all branches and the branch to associate with. As our slogan goes, together we stand together we achieve and work for the interest of members and team Afc leopards.


Our branch sittings are always done at Sports castle along spine rd, a walking distance  from Masimba Kayole stage.

Contact phone numbers

Erick Alusa –Chairman- 0721840497

Felix Liyayi-SG-0721101521

Saul Deba-OS -0727240967

Isaac Madegwa-0721519278


To become a member 

1.Should be over 18yrs.

2.Supporter of Afc Leopards

3.Pay membership fee of 200(branch and 12oo(national office for a new member}

4.Ready to adhere to our branch’s constitution. 

5. In good health 

Branch officials

Chairman -Erick Alusa

Vice chair -Marion Mugivane

Secretary General -Felix Liyayi

Vice secretary -Henry Muchuati

Organizing secretary -Saul Deba

Treasurer -Isaac Madegwa

Vice Treasurer -James Adeti

Committee members

Alvin Mulasi

Jane Alividza

Naman Makhotsa

To join this branch contact