Members registration is one of the key revenue streams for AFC Leopards. The club  currently  has a total of 81 branches  with 5482 members  as per the latest provisional membership list for the year 2024 released  by the National Executive Committee. Bunyore Branch caught  our attention having  the highest  number of registered members. The branch boasts of 301 members.

The club’s media  had a chat with their chairman Anthony Oliver Otenyo as he outlined their objectives and why they  are the biggest members magnet .

Did you have a target you had set for the number of members?

Yes, we had targets. We always have strategic goals and set plans as the Branch Executive Committee. From the onset, we had plans to minimize the exit of old members and to strive to at least attract and recruit new ones to join. Lose less and add more.

Did you reach the target?

We did achieve this but still have room for improvement. We want to achieve more numbers.

How did you mobilize all these members to register?

The branch’s main objective is supporting, which is a key factor  in our annual membership drive. We have also adopted a  members’ welfare as part of group objectives, which aims at connecting with one another, building relations as a family. Bunyore Branch boasts of a vibrant welfare team that reaches out to all our members to check on their well-being.

We have a platform that allows us to work towards income generating activities and supporting each other’s hustles, we prioritize our members’ hustle, especially when doing business. On mobilization, once a member requests to join, we share with them the group constitution and explain to them what we stand for, this is our selling point and mode of advertising. It speaks for us. Bunyore Branch leadership fosters honest communication and effectively listens to our members. We encourage positive energy and ensure that conflicts are resolved fairly. Teamwork is also key. As leaders, we always try our best to lead by example, knowing that it is a privilege to lead our 300-plus  Bunyore Branch kings and queens.

How important is membership registration to the club?

Club membership is the heartbeat of our club and I urge other branches to recruit more members . Bunyore Branch believes and  dreams of a day the club will  have members in every corner of the country and beyond the borders. From the members, registration fees will not only help us acquire club investments but also get us quality players and staff. More membership means more revenue for the club.

How can one join Bunyore Branch?

To join Bunyore branch, new members are referred by friends while some make their own requests by contacting branch officials. We then do background checks just to ensure that they’ll make good additions to the branch.

“We want to fill stadiums and make our members have a sense of ownership in the club.” Otenyo sums up.